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I had worn Progressives before, then when having trouble seeing prior to Cataract surgery, I preferred a Distance pair I had, ultimately needing surgery when new prescriptions were not working. After both surgeries, I got Progressives soon after, later realizing that they were not as easy to wear as earlier versions had been. I had the prescription checked and had those glasses redone, yet still found that the mid-range appears vague or missing. Of course, I was told "to adjust", find the "sweet spot"..whatever. All I know is that I cannot see to work at the kitchen counter sharply or to the bathroom mirror. And those who tell you "how to look through them", are not seeing through another's eyes. (Also, since these lenses are an "hourglass" shape, it is not as simple).

I have seen that some are better off with lined Bifocal / Trifocals, which I will try, because I am desperate. (There are pairs referred to as "Household" or "occupational" lenses, which that particular optician at the Dr's. office, was not open to dicussing, but you can see these referred to online). Also, I do use Computer glasses or for focusing in a closer range, I go without. (I have not been happy since my first eye surgery was not right, having the 2nd done by a different Dr. and need surgery to raise my droopy lid, that is apparently the result of the sutures used in that 1st surgery - - concerned, though). I was always used to seeing well with glasses - I just want my normal ranges of vision back.

August 30, 2015 - 8:10pm


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