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first pair of glasses prescribed in 2013 , just for reading. later in 2014 doctor told me i needed for far vision, so another prescription for far vision was given. i was changing both of my glasses from reading to far vision i was OK, 2015 i went for my annual vision exam and doctor, ( a different one) told me now i needed glasses for my middle vision, he recommended that in order not to have three pair of glasses i should be wearing trifocals that was going to be easy for me since i was not going to be interchanging. So, i accepted. he told me it was going to take one to two weeks to adjust, buy one month passed , two month passed and i could not get used to them. i was thinking that maybe it was me not being happy with these glasses. so 4 month passed and i was not OK with those. my doctor told me he did not understand what was happening, so i went back for a new vision test , this time he told me my trifocals were heavy for me and that they were moving and did not sat well on my nose that was why i never adjust to the trifocals. he recommended a light frame. since my prescription was the same just the new glasses and lighter frame ( since it was another year, he took advantage of my insurance) and this time gave progressives with the three prescription; close, middle, far vision... he told me one to two weeks to get adjusted to them buy i never got adjusted my eyes seems not to focus well , a had headaches, i got dizzy , my neck hurts ( i thought it was from the computer , but it was cause i have to tilde me head so far back ) two month later i started to see double i went to see him again (idiot me) he told me to go back to my old trifocals just to see if with those i was ok, buy i was not OK i keep seeing double, four months later i have to talk to my insurance to make complaint about it,, so insurance talk to my doctor and told him he need to recheck in a more deep way, so these time my doctor said y need to have a prism in my glasses because since i am getting old my natural light is not enough and the muscle in my eyes gets lazy that is why I am seeing double. so, my glasses stay in the doctor office for having the prism on , since my old trifocals were really too heavy and were marking my nose , i decide to go back to my very first pair that i still have, and voila i can see clearer , not double and OK.. so trifocals and progressive were not good for me. i understand this is along story but i hope that when other people read it and they are having same troubles get help faster .

May 21, 2016 - 11:40pm


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