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I'm not receiving specific counselling for the trauma; however, I have been seeing a psychiatric who has been monitoring/adjusting my meds. She has referred me to the mood disorder clinic where a fresh pair of eyes will be able to look at my case and I suspect try other medications. I have no information at this point about the mood disorder clinic; I'll find out more on the 30th. Over the years I have received counselling, especially at the time of my sister's death.

As for support, my husband and children try to understand but they can't help believe that if I just stay positive I'll overcome the depression etc.; you are what you create kind of thing. My parents feel the same way although both my brothers have been diagnosed with bi-polar as well.

As for the direction I would like to go in and or goals for myself, I would like to be able to maintain working parttime (3 days per week), work at getting out of debt, lose weight, and live life without fear of what I might do next. I would like to NOT be at the mercy of my brain. I would like to be able to set goals and actually follow through with them. I tend to set goals when manic and then quickly let them go as the downward spiral begins. I'll be sure to go into my visit appointment with some goals clearning in place - I think that will be helpful. Thanks for your input!


April 24, 2010 - 12:17pm


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