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Hi Ladies,
Looking to see how the Mood Disorder Clinic went.

Anxiety, PTSD, depression... all here.

If you have not had your Vit. D and Iron levels checked (along w/thyroid), that's a must. Also, have you looked into the nutritional aspects for this, too (Omega 3d, dark leafies, cutting sugar, dairy, wheat, etc.) I had 5 docs pushing RX meds without checking the first two. When I had them checked (in the last year), both were severely low.

I went off all anti-d Rx... working on learning true nutritional eating... doing better than I was on antidepressents...have farther to go...
it's been a long 11 yr haul. Now I'm almost 50... how do I know what now is from aging vs 11 yrs ago (having these symptoms even tho younger). Blessings to us all.

November 16, 2010 - 1:42pm


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