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Thanks for your words of wisdom - I agree, nutrition is plays a vital role in mental health.

As for the mood disorder clinic is really isn't a 'clinic' per se; but a psychiatrist who specialises in patients with mood disorders. I see this psychiatrist on a one-on-one-basis and she has done wonders for me. It took a long while for the right drugs and doses to truly make a difference but I'm finally feeling like I'm a head of the game now. I'm back to working full time, anxiety is much more manageable (not yet completely out of the woods yet though) and all other symptoms have all but disappeared. No more bulima (and I've lost 42 pounds since June), no more trouble with alcohol and the post traumic stress disorder seems to be under control. I'd say I've made great progress with the help of the right doctor.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my story.

November 17, 2010 - 6:30am


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