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Interesting that our boy "Scott" left the thread immediately after his ignorant, incorrect, ill-informed, misogynistic arguments were proven to be just that. A year has passed, and he hasn't been back. Yep, a real "man," that one. On a more depressing note, however, although these idiotic "personhood" bills did not all pass, we ended up with numerous cretins exactly like Scott in Congress, and as the last "Anonymous" poster predicted, they've been busily toiling to pass even more hideous and Draconian laws designed to deprive women of their Constitutional rights - indeed, denying them the very "personhood" that they claim to champion for non-existent "pre-born little boys and girls." While at the same time cutting off all benefits for pregnant women and mothers of infants and small children (WIC), health care for children (CHIP), Head Start, education - anything and everything that would ensure the well-being of children who are already ALIVE. Amazing how these sick people think (to use Scott's word for it). Just goes to show you, they don't give a fig for the "preborn," nor children of any age. What it's about is CONTROL of women. Period.

June 18, 2011 - 9:25pm


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