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(reply to tgrcandy8)

I just read through your previous posts, and it sounds like you have been trying to conceive since May? I know it seems like it has been "forever" that you are trying to conceive each month, but it has really only been three months, and did you know that each month you only have a 20% chance of conceiving?! That is why it is important to increase your chances as much as possible:
1. Frequent, unprotected sex. Experts are now telling women to have frequent sex without looking at the calendar, as you can ovulate during any time of your cycle (in theory).
2. Don't stress! Be patient! It can honestly take 6-12 months to conceive. As previous responses have said: have fun, be patient, try a lot, and eat healthy!

Each month that you ask "if you could be pregnant; what is your possibility", the answer will be the same. You have a 20% chance each time. The more months you "accumulate" with trying, the better your odds are that one of these months you will conceive! You could be pregnant, or you could have a late period. Keep trying and waiting for your period to begin, or take a home pregnancy test AFTER your period has not started.

Many home pregnancy tests claim to be able to detect any pregnancy hormones "early", but when you read the fine print, the accuracy rate is not high. In order to have the highest accuracy for these tests, you need to wait until you have missed your period. Today is only 7/6, and your last period was 6/7. Wait one week after you think your period should have started, and if it has not started, THEN take a pregnancy test! It has nothing to do with the "type" of test and how they market them to women who are anxious to know if they are pregnant....your body does not release enough "pregnancy hormones" for a test to detect these hormones until AFTER you have missed your period! No amount of "good tests" that you can buy over-the-counter will ever change that. Once you have missed your period, a home pregnancy test is 99% accurate at detecting any pregnancy hormones.

Do you know why...it actually takes 10-14 days after ovulation for you to even BE pregnant! It takes this long for your body to release an egg, sperm to travel to your fallopian tubes, fertilize the egg, the fertilized egg to travel down the fallopian tube into your uterus, to then find a "cozy spot" and implant itself in your uterus. This process then starts lots of hormones to be released, and these hormones must build up enough to be detected on a test. If you do the math...this 10-14 days after ovulation is about the time your period would be expected, right?! That is why a test would not detect a pregnancy with 99% accuracy any earlier...as you may not even have a viable pregnancy yet. (I hope you find that interesting, because I know I did).

Anyways, hang in there! I know its agonizing to wait; I've been there and truly thought that once I stopped birth control that I would instantly get pregnant! It took us 6 months, and I was surprised!

Let us know if your period starts, or if you take a home pregnancy test next week! If your period does begin, try again next month, and you will have the same questions...just know that we would love to be able to tell you that your chances are higher depending on your symptoms or other factors...but the truth is: the only way to know if you are pregnant is with a positive pregnancy test or a period.

Best wishes!

July 6, 2010 - 1:29pm


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