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(reply to Pat Elliott)

Hi Pat,
Thanks for the reply.
I'm working with my GP and naturopath and yes have been diagnosed with mild chronic gastritis and don't have the helicobacta bacteria. I'm seeing the specialist next week for more answers. I don't fit the bill for any of the normal causal factors apart from perhaps anxiety or stress.
I'm taking slippery elm and losec (a prescritpion ant acid in Australia) I'm stuggling as I was initially told it be gone in a couple of weeks, obviously after 8 weeks I've worked out its hanging around for a while. I'm eating small meals regularly and eating bland foods. Every week I try to reintroduce a new food. I can't tolerate rice at this stage and will avoid grains and legumes and basically anything that is hard to digest. Having little appetite does make this easier.
Are you a fellow sufferer or a health professional?
Take care,

June 4, 2010 - 5:18pm


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