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three years ago,i got sick with pneumoria and a blood infection just out of no where.I was in the hospilal for 7 days.WHEN I GOT HOME I HAVE NEVER BEEN THE SAME I WAS A SIZE 7 WHEN I WENT IN AND, HUGE WHEN I CAME OUT THEY HAVE DONE EVERY TEST AND NOTHING.i WAS EATING LOTS OF OATMEAL AND GOING TO GYM .i HAVE "EVERY SYMPTOM"' AND MY SISTER HAS IT .My back pain is so bad i get injections for the pain I can't pay for test but everything the women on the tape said, sounds like how i feel. I hide in my house my clothes dont fit and i cant aford the health food but i know this is what it is .Thanks for the advice.

June 9, 2010 - 6:52am


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