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i am 38, i have been diagnosed with post natal depression after each child i had, the youngest is 10 now. i have found another site, it said you are likely to get that if you have pmdd. when i read what another lady had to say she sounded just like me. she finally got a hysterectomy and had her ovaries removed, as they are the culprit, she is now great. she lives in usa and has her own gynecologist as they do. i have had depression in the past too but when you have gone through 2 divorces no wonder. my new husband is really good with me as he loves me so much but i know that i have to do something and seeing as i have a prolapsed womb and having a hysterectomy soon i have asked to have ovaries removed too. it's worth a go. i haven't really gone into depth with any doctor for a long time of how i really am, i feel like a wacko. it's hard to put it into words sitting in an office for 5 minutes. i did see a psychiatrist 10 years ago but got put on tablets for depression and worked through some of how i felt but at the time i was going through a bad time so it wasn't clear then that the pmdd was there too. things are good now, really good so i am not depressed and it can pop up in seconds/minutes, always 7 -10 days pre period. i know with depression it builds up, then it goes or stays for weeks, months. i crash and then come back to normal from feeling crazy one minute, lasting for a few hours, to normal within seconds, no slow recovery, just instant. i think that due to depression in the past the doctors have not noticed the pmdd, i knew something was not right with me and i really feel that this is what it is. i feel relieved now especially if i can get my ovaries removed too, waiting to hear. i think that pmt is so accepted that it isn't taken seriously, the butt of jokes, and so pmdd is overlooked. i hadn't heard of it until now, so it's only now i know i am not crazy!!
can i say what a brilliant site this is. we don't all feel that we can go to a gp, we feel embarrassed or wasting there time. so this is an easy way to let it all out and get answers.
thanks so much.

June 9, 2010 - 1:48am


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