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hi, i know exactly what you are going through, i have had pmdd for many years, i am now 43 years old and have had enough, i have been given a prostat injection to stop my ovaries from working which has induced menopause, if i feel ok i can then decide whether or not to have both of my ovaries removed, I had the injection about 6 weeks ago and i am having lots of hot flushes through the night and very bad headaches, also through the day i feel i have brain fog ( loose half of my vocabulary etc) i still have about another 6 weeks to decide if i want to go ahead with the operation, I am very undecided at this time , should i keep my ovaries and have severe pmdd or loose my ovaries and have menapausal symptoms?, also i have read that to be rid of pmdd the uterus also needs to be removed along with the ovaries, i have spoken to two doctors and my gynochologist but nobody actually seems to care when pmdd or pms is involved, has any body gone through this operation because of pmdd and if so are they now better, would really appreciate any advice , thanks!!!

June 29, 2011 - 5:17am


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