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i was told by another gp that as i was already on the pill, for a skin complaint, i am already sterilised, that i should not have pmdd as as far as my body is concerned my hormones should be under control. i told her they weren't and she suggested to take the pill, yasmin, for 3 months at a time with no break. i have to say it is working. i do get a bit of pmt but not pmdd. also i had to get my husband to work with me at not using the triggers that would set me off, my past. he has been good and i have taken control at not letting things spiral, walking away from things that would set me on the roller coaster ride of pmdd. the hospital were going to operate for other reasons not the pmdd but then decided i really didn't need the op. i was really disappointed at first but now i think it was for the best. maybe you should try the pill for a bit. don't rush into anything that you can't go back on or will just exchange one problem for another. you have put up with it this long so a few months trying something as simple as 33 days of the pill at a time might be the answer or not but surely worth a try? i hope this helps.

June 29, 2011 - 9:47am


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