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So much good information and fellowship here. Clearly, anonymous, you are being seriously affected by what sounds like PMDD (of course, no one can make a diagnosis over the internet!)
I suspect all of you reading this have already done a ton of research on the subject, but I just thought I'd point out the two articles I've written on the subject in case they are able to add something of value to the discussion: http://www.pmscomfort.com/pms-symptoms/pmdd.aspx and http://www.pmscomfort.com/pms-symptoms/pmdd-causes.aspx.
I will also say, in my experience practicing natural medicine, I've seen many women with PMDD improve dramatically with natural measures. It may seem hopeless, and that only something as radical as an ovarectomy could provide relief, but that has not been my clinical experience. Anyone in this situation, I would keep hope alive and would consider alternatives to medication and radical measures, if you're able.

August 28, 2011 - 5:27pm


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