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Thanks so much for your encouragement. I assume that your adice is based on professional experience, rather than personal experience. I, too, read the Mayo Clinic information. I have spent the last week searching the Net for any personal stories and all the medical journals I gained access. Everything I read was was written in 2007-2008. The trial stops there & I don't understand why. But all info from personal experience & medical journals clearly states rectocele repair, as opposed to the other types of vaginal prolapse repair, severely limit a women's ability to have actual intercourse.
I read this is because all surgical repairs (no matter the approach)
requires removal of some vaginal tissue to shorten the vaginal space. Women reported it ended marriages and relationships, even with the most understanding partners.
Due to the break up of my long term relationship, age (late 50's) I'm
wasn't feeling very confident about finding someone. I'm currently unemployed and my lack self esteem, based on loss of career and allowing myself to remain in an emotionally abusive relationship, you can understand just how hard this latest news hit me. I am truly hopeless. I do see a therapist, but it hasn't helped much because I my severe depression is chemically resistant. So if anyone has had this type of surgery and been able to resume the ability to have intercourse, I would be so grateful to learn which approach their doctor took. Otherwise I must find a way to accept that this surgery will prevent me from even seeking a partner. Having to begin dating at this late stage of life, with the additional burdens I carry and the probable inability to have a full relationship make any hope of a recovery of a real life impossible.

June 15, 2010 - 4:00am


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