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hi... I lost my boyfriend 1 & half months ago.My family & his family had fight and they ask him to chose between me & his family.He choosed his family.A 7 yrs relationship just ended.He cried & on phone in the starting of our breakup.After 15 days he found a new love a started talking to her till 2 in the night.If i am on call waiting he didnt receive my call.He changed his number.Now i am in mental depression.I cant sleep at night properly, just 2 hours max and in that time too i get bad dreams about him.I am not feeling to eat or do any activity.Let my left job too.I tried to commit suicide and was unsuccessful in that.All i can think is i dont want to live.Just want to end my life.Its very frustrating that now he dont care about me and not even he call me.Yes i want him back in my life because i cant live without him but dont know how..

October 9, 2013 - 9:11pm


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