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I agree...the "imaginary conversations with ex" could spiral out of control if not used appropriately, or if used too frequently that it becomes something you dwell on.

The Psychology Today article said this about these imaginary conversations, and why they are beneficial:
"Airing pent-up issues and feelings [can] help let go and...move forward into a relationship with a terrific guy...".

"Similarly allowing yourself to be with and process your own thoughts and feelings, no matter how painful they are will also allow you to move beyond them and the guy who triggered it all."

This makes a little more sense, as long as it is used as a type of closure to vent frustrations, resentments and anger...to then "let it go" and move on to other friendships, activities and thoughts.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

June 29, 2010 - 8:00pm


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