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I am 26 and have been with my boyfriend for 4.5 years. He is almost 32 for about 3 years of our relationship we have had a poor sex life. I feel like we've tired everything. He went to the doctor and tested negative for any low t problems. I've gained weight and this issue came up about 2 years into our relationship, he wasn't happy but I thought we moved on. I found out, after 4 years of us dating, he had cheated on me within our 1st 1.5/2 years of dating that he cheated - with my. boss and mentor - this caused issues but before and after that we still had problems in our sex life. We have had countless talks and he says he's sorry he's just not into sex like me. I mean we have talks about twice a month for 3 years. Nothing changes. He brings up old situations like the number of sexual partners I've had and the fact that he isn't into sex as me. We only have sex about twice a month- going on 3 years though. I want to be with him but I am a sexual person, I dk what to do. I've told him it needs to Change or I am gone but I really don't want to leave. Help!

May 12, 2015 - 8:48pm


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