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I am 48 my partners 51 we 've been together three years he's shown no sexual interest in me for two and a half years he suffered with ED when I met him but we had foreplay which was great it took months to persuade him to go to the doctors where he was prescribed coal is everything was great but wen the first prescription was used up there were constant excuses not to get any more. He is quite happy for me to touch him intimately but won't touch or kids me at all. He's wonderful to me in every other way I 've tried to talk to him about it on numerous occasions but he doesn't take any notice and he can't give me a straight answer why he won't touch or kids me he just says that he doesn't know. I feel so depressed no intimacy at all yet he l hug me . But don't know what to do

August 17, 2015 - 11:47am


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