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Anonymous (reply to Diane Porter)

Well actually , the thing that bothers me the most is the fact that im kindof cute wanted by many guys , while hes not cute at all. I donno but this seems to bother me alot lately while it didnt use to bother me befor ...

Other than that , i mean atleast he says sorry after , he gets mad easily and i know that by naw... and also he is very MACHO , so yh i donno should i just help save our relationship as i promised i would? or shall i just forget about him ?
The problem is i have depression problems , so im scared that i break up woth him and fall in to a depression and pass a bad summer... cause after all even if he is VERY posseseive and very nervous at times ... he does treat me well ,he is carring towards me . He is always here we i need him he always chosses me befor his friends . For example once i wasnot feeling very well i had stomach pain at it was late at night ... i had an exam the day after and since he know i have a hard time waking up and i had to wake up to study in the middle of the night he did the alarm to wake me up ... when u called to wake me up he founf me already awake cause i had pain ... he came after me right away he took me to thePharmacy which was veryyyy far cause it was at night an not all pharmacies are open.and baught me medicin than took me to ear than droped me off to school ... than he went back to sleep .... or he is wid his friends hell leave all his friends get me food and dvds home and than go back to his friends.....or once i had a history exam and he was in france he stayed awake veryy late helping me study through skype while he was veryyy tierd and sleepy... if i ever let him go ... im going to miss all this ...
Im so confused ... he is soo sweet to me i cant hurt him

and about the sex part i want to cause he doesnt want too ... WHY doesnt he want to ... hes a guy ? a friend told me because he ... he knows that it is not going to last forever cause he doesnt love me thats why he doesnt want too ...
and im thinking if i have sex with him he wiill HAVE to stay with me forever ... but at the same time im scared to have it with him and then he starts to treat me like shit knowing that ill want to stay with him because of my virginity...

He is too possesive if he thinks a guy will take me away from him , hell make me stop talking to him ... Is it normal ?

thank you sooo much for helping me out !

June 25, 2010 - 5:23pm


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