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Take a break, your completely allowed to take time to yourself. You do not have to be at his beck and call at every moment. It appears (with family issues too) that you have a lot going on and maybe you just need that Zen moment to regroup and rechange your own battery.

I will share that last weekend, I explained to my friends and family that I needed a weekend to myself and I was turning off my phone, locking my doors and just taking some me time. It was so refreshing, and well worth my mental health since I was just running on overload. Monday morning was bright and sunny (even on a rainy day).

Take some time and it is ok to not move out of bed, watch some chic flicks just as long as it doesn't last for a long time (weeks). If you feel like your depressed, you may need professional help but sounds to me that you need YOU time.

Of couse, your never alone because you always have us! Please keep us updated!

June 27, 2010 - 10:22am


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