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Yes,That does not sound right.If he was very religious I can see him not wanting to have sex or oral sex,but not kissing,holding,sleeping in the same bed sounds way extreme.Has he mentioned anything about marrying you?Has there been any talk of it?If he loves you with all his heart,I can see no reason why he has not brought it up or even asked you already.It has been 7 years.There is a possibility that he sees you as a Great Friend,like Family.Is there a possibility that he may be gay.A good friend of mine is gay and if you met him you would never be able to tell.He was one of the guys.In fact,I didn't find out until the 3rd month of knowing him.So the only 3 things I can think of is Extreme Religious Beliefs,Your like Family,or he is Gay.Aside from the intamacy,he sounds like a nice guy for taking care of you,but you need to know what the truth is so you can move forward or move on.I wish you the best of luck.

June 23, 2010 - 9:47pm


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