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Seven years is a long time. I agree in many ways with the first answer from Anon, above. Here are my thoughts:

If he loves you with all his heart, and is waiting for marriage, has he mentioned wanting to marry you? After seven years, if he is interested in marrying you, I think you both would know. Especially if he is saving intimacy for the woman he marries.

What this is is a deeply affectionate platonic relationship. And it hasn't progressed in quite some time. Honestly, it doesn't sound to me that it IS going to move forward unless you press the issue.

Yes, he may be gay. Or he may be afraid of commitment. Or he may not be in touch with what he wants in life. Or he's comfortable with you and is fine not taking the next step. Whatever the explanation, I fear you could be spending the next 7 years in this same limbo unless you do something about it.

You didn't mention how old the two of you are? Or whether either of you has been in a serious relationship before?

June 25, 2010 - 8:30am


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