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well hes 40 and iam 40 i have been in two serious relationships but hes been in one we meet in 1999 and we have been toghter from that day he pays the bill we go on trips we talk like 10 times a day on the phone but when we are toghter theres no hand holding or kissing no sex or nothing we do alot toghter but i feel like hes not into me in a sex way sometimes i think its me but i dont know sometimes i think hes gay but then sometime when he says he loves me i think maybe things will get better i just need to know i asked him one time was hes love for me as a friend he got mad and said no then one timewe got into a fight and he screamed at me i was going to ask you to marry me .so i dont know then i found out he was calling other women on the net so i got there numbers and they all said he talked to them but never talked sex or hoooking up so i really dont know what to think ive been told so much i just dont know what i should do people tell me leave it alone but i feel i need to know hes a pilot so hes away some i wounder if thats the problem ?

June 25, 2010 - 3:30pm


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