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yes him beeing away bothers me alot cause theres days he truns of his phone for the weekend and says he left his charger in the hotel. and on holiday we never have onces been toghter on a holiday. he says its because hes working all the time to take care of me but i lay in my bed ever night thinking of what hes doing and i look at me and ask myself if its me .i cant asked him anything cause he flys of on me he can get really bad at times then hes like why are you pissing me off just cause i ask him something .like i got a text from a girl he was talking to on yahoo and she sent me her pic and she was young like 22 all the women he talks to are all young 22 to 26 when i told him he got really mad and changed my phone number i have had 10 phone numbers in the last year because they get my number or i call them .i wished there was a way that i knew what was really going on but deep inside i know i really need to walk away but i love him so much weve been to a long time and i keep hopeing and praying he will chang but i know that want happen .hes really good to me untill i bring up the women he calls or ask him about where hes been or why is ur phone of then he gets really mad .just dont know what to do and how to do it.

June 29, 2010 - 10:22am


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