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I am fully convinced that this is a very useful approach, both from my own personal experiences and from reading about it in numerous places. Anxiety and depression are both associated with mental states in which a person is not focusing on their immediate environment, surroundings, the sensations of their body, and the people around them. Something about mindfulness seems to offer an almost immediate relief from these negative states of mind.

I have a page on natural remedies and treatments for anxiety, and I am always looking for new material relating to this topic. I already talk a little about mindfulness on that page; maybe this is a topic I could expand in the near future.

I also visited Henry Emmons' website, partners in resilience, and I really liked the core message there. A lot of psychotherapy seems to have too negative a focus, and I liked the spirit and philosophy put forth there, that we are resilient and that this resilience can be both restored and cultivated!

November 26, 2010 - 9:15am


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