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(reply to Pat Elliott)

Pat, thank you so much for responding. I am aware of the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation. On June 18/19th my family formed a team "Carcinoid Crusade" and collected donations for Relay for Life Walk in our county. I questioned the American Cancer Society office in my city and they had never heard of Carcinoid Cancer nor is this on the list of cancers that receive funds from the relay. Our goal throughout this 2 day event was to bring awareness to Carcinoid - we were successful in that respect as many people questioned us and I was able to talk with a local oncologist on the radio about cancer and I asked him to explain Carcinoid Cancer to the listening audience. I saw him at the Relay and he told me from that on air discussion 4 people called for an appointment to have their symptoms checked out. We wear our Carcinoid Cancer wrist bands and t-shirts and have many people ask us questions about this which is our purpose - to make people aware so they will tell others or think about if ever the need arises. Let me know if I can help anyone or answer any questions. Zebra 23

July 2, 2010 - 3:52pm


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