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(reply to Diane Porter)

Hi Diane,
I used to exercise when I lived at my own place. I own a rowing machine and used to do roughly 20 miles at day on it. I enjoyed it alot because it did help and I felt good because my body was also benefiting from it. The reason I don't do this now is because all my stuff is in storage with my folks, up where I from. I couldn't bring much of my own personal stuff with me when I moved in with my boyfriend because he is sub-letting this place from someone else. So as well as my boyfriends things the flat is filled up with the other persons. This person comes to flat on national holidays and for the rest of the time stays at one of their other homes. I have tried to do sit up's, press up's that sort of stuff. Yet I find I don't have the energy these days to carry it on. I just feel sad all the time. That's why I thought I was becoming depressed.

As for my previous job, I used to be a lab assistant for 18 years at the same place. So when I got made redundant it hit me hard. As I suppose it would hit anyone hard. Don't think I've gotton over losing my job & that was over 3 years ago. They were like family to me, now it's all gone. I went to work there straight after leaving school. I'm 37 years old now and because I moved internally up the ladder where I worked, I got the skills of working in a laboratory that way. I never passed any exams in science at school. So I don't have the correct grades to move into another laboratory job. I've been looking for a job, but because I'm so down. I just end up thinking nobody would want me and give up beyond the point of looking. It's frustrating because I know I'm a good worker. I do like the idea of volunteering. Would you know how I could do this? Should I look on the internet? I don't know the area very well, as I've tended to just stay in the place that I live all the time and don't go out much.

I hope that it hasn't looked like I've felt sorry for myself with the stuff I've said. My boyfriend says that's all I'm doing. Which makes me feel abit paranoid.

Diane, I want to thank you for your advise, it was very kind of you. May I ask you a question? How does a person stop thinking about the past, about the good times and the people that were there but not now? Cos. right now things are so different from what I've been used to. I don't know how to handle it. I hope you don't mind me asking, take care, Starfall.

June 30, 2010 - 1:20am


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