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(reply to Diane Porter)

Thank you for your reply, just the fact someone understands how I'm feeling helps. I can totally relate to your comment about depressed people. About that they are always hearing 'just pick yourself up'. It's not as if I've choosen to be like this. It's just that it happened. That comment always makes the situation worse for me. Makes me feel like a terrible person, which fuels how I am feeling in the first place.

I've been asked by a member of my boyfriends family to help clean their home. I've said yes, as it will get me out and also help the way I'm feeling, I hope. I also intend to find the number for the local rescue society. I know it sounds strange, I'm finding it hard to do all this stuff. As it's like I've hidden away for 8 months, or maybe even more. So I'm feeling alittle panic stricken. Tiny steps, right?

Once again, diane. Thank you for taking time out to reply to me. You have helped me.

Take care, Starfall

July 1, 2010 - 2:01am


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