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This sounds almost exactly like what I am going through for the past 2 1/2 weeks I had what I thought was an abscessed tooth that presented very quickly and pain was very intense. I went to the dentist and there was no problem with teeth. She could see that behind my last tooth on bottom right, there was an infection and sent me to ENT to check for salivary gland blockage/infection. ENT said not my salivary gland---must be tooth. Gen. dentist sent me to Endodontist and he did 3d x-ray and said nothing wrong with tooth. He decided to open up what looked like abscess behind my tooth. The area was full of puss and he cleaned it out and put me on antibiotics. The next day, the infection was back---not as bad, but back so added a 2nd antibiotic, so now I was on Clindamycin and Flagyl. The pain was worse and he was perplexed as to why I was having the extreme pain. Then I started having numbness in right chin and lower lip. Had unrelenting pain and face started swelling more and endo sent me to ER. They did all sorts of lab tests there. My white blood county was normal. My blood pressure was 182/90 which was likely the result of the intense pain. Endo sent me to oral surgeon next. I kept telling these providers that I felt very
sick and unwell and was afraid. The oral surgeon was more concerned about the numbness and perhaps a brain lesion or something. I kept telling him I thought I had an infection---I did not have a fever with all the painkillers I was taking but I was extremely sweaty for no apparent reason. I felt like I might die and I truly had never felt quite as certain that something bad was going on. Finally, the Oral surgeon sent me for CT scan the first of this week and repeated labs. The CT showed a little inflammation in the area but nothing else. My white blood count had gone from normal to 14, after being on antibiotics for two weeks. So then the oral surgeon opened the mandible to get a biopsy and could see the deteriorated bone. Biopsy sent and wont' know anything for two weeks. I am still afraid. Afraid I'll lose my jaw or perhaps my sanity. I am still on antibiotics but one is being discontinued tomorrow. I have a visit with my primary care doctor tomorrow and am going to see if she can get me into the UNC's dental /oral program for coordinated care. I'm having to hop all over the place for various tests. None of this has been paid since I am on Medicare and the providers are not contracted with Medicare. Any experience you can share would be appreciated. This is still very scary and I am still very sick and in pain.

December 3, 2015 - 9:01pm


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