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Hello I am 24, I recently have been diagnosed with acid reflux and I have a hiatial hernia, I also have recently been diagnosed with an unspecified colitis.. I believe the GERD and colitis are related. I often have pain under my right rib cage which my doctors have assured me it is not my gallbladder. I have noticed that when it's time for my period I flare up. About a week before my period, I get weak, have very soft stools almost like diarrhea, and I get a very bad hunger in my stomach and eating frequently is the only thing that helps solve the hunger. I don't know if having GERD can make me hungry like that or if it is my colitis. Other times I often just don't feel good and I don't have an appetite and I feel weak, sometimes nauseated. I have tried a diet change and I have been taking prilosec for the GERD and asacol for the colitis. I have not noticed any benefits from the asacol. I really want some relief as I have dealt with these problems off and on for the past year..

June 6, 2012 - 9:23pm


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