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Wow, I had NEVER heard of this diagnosis before I started looking up MY symptoms. Hmm....I'm 53 and female (from birth), what are the odds this is what I have? I'm scheduled to see a psychologist who tests people to discover what part of the brain is affected before I can see a neurologist. I thought I might have early onset Alzheimer disease. But my personal diagnosis matches with PPA. I can still understand people when they talk, but they can't always follow me. I have a lot of hesitation when I try to find the right words when talking. Common words such as chair, table, etc. Even writing this is a chore. Thank God for spellcheck! I cannot follow spoken directions as I forget almost immediately what was said. My spelling is getting poorer too -- and everyone used to count on me to be their dictionary. I used to be a language arts teacher -- and the difference from then to now is nearly white to a very dark shade of grey. I haven't been medically diagnosed yet, but my PCP is concerned and sending me to have some tests done before he sends me to a neurologist. This sound familiar to anyone else?

April 19, 2017 - 10:59pm


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