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I had a endoscopy where they discovered stomach nodules(penduculated),and erythematosus mucosa.They took a picture inside me of it,brown/red large circle fairly dark color.After biopcy, was told erythematosus mucosa with mild reactive aptypia.I have reduced gluten,yeast,bread,refined packaged foods am have improved.Exercise,and dont eat much gluton,or white bread,and cut your sugar down .My nodules were biopsied but report never was provided ,even after many requests.The info is missing.I have many growths on liver,neck,adrenal,lung,intestines(intestinal adenomas removed) and i'm losing weight,and have pressures and numbness in various parts of my body.But doctors dont want to do anything until they grow larger.So with symptoms i go back to work to save $,and hope for the best.Nausea bothers me as well.Good luck with your stomach condition and pancreatic problem.

July 8, 2014 - 7:03am


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