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First, as a disclaimer I suppose, this basically only means that your stomach lining had inflammation and probably redness, which can be caused by peptic ulcers w/ H Pylori, or simply by aspirin, NSAIDs, or alcohol use.

Having said that, the fact that you also have chronic pancreatitis leads me to believe it probably isn't that simple. When I was biopsied for Celiac Disease in January, 2010, one of the observations was, "Diffuse moderately erythematous mucosa with no bleeding was found in the gastric antrum," the Gastroenterologist ultimately said the test was negative for Celiac Disease. In spite of this diagnosis, upon going gluten free, I experienced significant improvement in physical health as well as neurological health. Chronic Isnomnia, ADD, and chronic, general fatigue began to resolve, and did so even more when I added recommended supplements.

I felt compelled to write this in hopes that you'd receive it by email, because I'm willing to bet you were told the test was negative for Celiac Disease; however, unless you've been fortunate to meet a physician who ordered IgA and IgG blood testing for gliadin antibodies, I'd say the likelihood that you have Gluten Sensitivity is significant. Gluten Sensitivity along with ulcers would lead to leaky gut followed by a resulting autoimmune reactivity of the gluten or antibody-gluten proteins within other organ systems (via the blood stream, through the stomach lining), which would explain both the stomach inflammation as well as the pancreatitis (and future, new autoimmune disorders which will arise if you're gluten sensitive and continue to have gluten).

August 1, 2011 - 11:04pm


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