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I've used HCG drops and pellets several times over the years with great success. Nothing else has really worked and provided lasting results for me. I recently started on the HCG diet...this was my second week....The only issue is I had 2 simple partial seizures and 1 grand mal this past wednesday. I have had seizures & PVC episodes (irregular heartbeat) in the past that i believe were due to low magnesium. I take a lot of magnesium daily now and haven't had any seizures so i was upset and surprised to have this happen. I've read quite a bit online about there being a possible connect between seizures and HCG ..even from people who have never had a seizure before. I would like to learn more. I wonder if the HCG is depleting even more magnesium or exactly why this happened. It may not be related...i don't know..but i suspect it might.

July 27, 2012 - 8:13pm


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