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This is my personal experience of HCG. Firstly, I neither believe nor disbelieve. The protocol is not a religion. I simply required results, which HCG produced. Unexpected benefits were a return of my hourglass shape, and an immense decrease in a 14 year chronic pain issue related to a crushing back injury. Anyone who claims the protocol is easy has obviously never tried it. While it produces results, it is extremely challenging, and requires commitment and flexibility. I had no need to tell any of my social circle about it, and in fact, was hesitant since I was ordering from overseas. Everyone who knew me demanded to know what was going on with my increased health. Do not necessarily listen only to health care professionals, who are force fed 'the canon' in medical school and never recover their open mind. Do your research thoroughly. Vet your sources thoroughly.

May 7, 2015 - 4:16pm


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