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I too have done the HCG diet twice, the first time I did it for a total of 100 days (correctly and with the break you were supposed to take between rounds etc), I got down to my ideal weight and was maintaining pretty well, albeit with quite a few greek yogurt days only to keep it there until I went overseas to a country I couldn't eat meat in for health and hygiene reasons, I stuck to cooked veggies, paneer (cheese) and a little rice for a month, in that time I put every lb it had taken me 100 days of 500 calories a day to lose back on.
I did love the way it reshaped my body and after the initial detoxing symptoms felt pretty good on it.
I tried to do another round of HCG again about a year later and after a week on the diet woke up clutching my chest in absolutely agony with my heart rate skyrocketing to the point that I couldn't even breathe properly because I was in so much pain. This subsided after about 35 minutes.
I am early 30's, healthy with no history of heart problems, but whether the low calories, the HCG or the unbalancing of certain minerals in your body it does seem it can have this effect on people.
I still think about going on the diet again, but I can't warrant risking heart problems for weight loss.
There are better and healthier ways, they just take longer.

April 26, 2016 - 11:49am


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