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I always laugh when people (that includes doctors) say; it's not FDA approved... As if the FDA is looking out for us. You do know that the FDA approved Vioxx, right? That drug killed thousands of people, and if it were not for an internal whistle blower, that drug would continue to kill others. Sorry kids, the FDA is a so-called watch dog pretending to care about us but is really into it for the profits.

Now about HcG... I tried HcG several times. And like all diets, I succeeded until it stopped working. People should be advised that: an extremely low calorie diet, as well as extremely low-carb diet, creates havoc with your adrenals, thyroid and metabolism in general. Some who have followed it with less than 30 lbs to lose, were successful... most have failed. Obviously after reading the above comments, some people have experienced heart palpitations and other heart problems. I think that's serious enough to reconsider.

I would NOT do it again. I was miserable during the process. Furthermore, there's a lot of evidence that supports the fact that ALL DIETS cause B.E.D. binge eating disorders. If you don't believe me, do the research.

April 26, 2016 - 4:59pm


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