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I know this diet gets so much criticism but I have done it a few times to reach my ideal weight and it has been wonderful. I have suffered no muscle loss as some people complain about and have had no side effects other than being hungry the first three days. I have also noticed many of the websites that bash HCG offer an alternative fab diet that gets plastered all over the website. Hmmm...don't use this diet because it is dangerous, instead take our diet pill because it is not. Nope not adding up.

I also agree that just because the FDA has not approved it for weight loss means nothing. The FDA classifies many medications as off label, including many mental health drugs that have had surprisingly great results. I am on a anti-depressant medication that was given me to control my seizures. Medicine can have bad or good side effects. I would definitely consult with a doctor before starting any diet but HCG has been wonderful for me.

June 30, 2016 - 3:29pm


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