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I've done the HCG protocol 3 times, lost weight successfully, kept it off reasonably successfully (i.e. for a few years at a time) before emotional eating resulted in rebounding weight. I found using HCG it easy - no hunger. Not sure if that's ketosis or the HCG but it seemed less difficult than other calorie restricting methods. It does take some planning and weighing of foods and making sure you're getting at least 460 calories a day (less is not better in this instance). I did a vegetarian version (using tofu, no fat cottage cheese/quark and eggs as protein).

I used HCG in my 50s (now 60) so if there were going to be heart problems, you'd think I'd be more inclined to get them than someone younger. I did however experience leg cramps every night (although slept better than I had for years) and found I needed a supplement that included potassium (not just magnesium) to lessen the frequency of cramps. I did take a multi vitamin as well.

That said, I never knew heart problems were associated with HCG until today when I asked my local doctor for a prescription and he refused. Previously I'd gone to a specialist doctor for the prescription (which by the way I had made into a nasal spray - more effective than drops, less costly and much easier to take). I wonder if it is the HCG that causes the heart problems, or is it the restricted calorie intake in which case perhaps other low calorie diets could be in the same category. I guess the prudent thing to do is check for any heart problems before embarking on any low calorie diet because they're not always evident, and keep an eye on your potassium levels for any low carb diet during which you lose a lot of water.

February 1, 2018 - 7:12pm


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