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I had Sever's disease as a kid (I was a gymnast) and 2 of my sons have had it, both around the ages of 11or 12. It can be inherited, as my kids' pediatrician has told me. I recognized the signs right away when the first of my boys described his symptoms. Both of my sons with Sever's play football and lacrosse. They also wrestle, but didn't experience as much pain with wrestling, as there is not much running involved. They were also told to use ice, do stretching exercises and wear pads in their heels. The pediatrician also recommended taking some Advil about 15-30 minutes prior to practicing or playing their sports, which really seemed to help them. The good news is that one of them was relieved of the pain after 6 months and the other had pain for about one year. They are both pain-free right now and active as ever! By the way, some people are more familiar with the same condition in the knee which is called Osgoodslaughter's disease. My sons were glad their form of it was easier to pronounce!

August 5, 2010 - 7:55pm


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