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Hello. You can call me "Lily". So here's what's up: Aug.1 was the first day of my period that lasted 3-5 days. We had an intercourse last Aug.16.(yes,"fertile" days) Thinking that's we're safe, I let him ejaculate inside of me, only to find out that the condom broke. So, we both panicked (who wouldn't?!). I took the first dose of ec the day after the deed (approx. 21 hrs.) Aug.17 and another dose after 12 hrs. on Aug.18. I didn't experienced any side effects until this day, which made me worry a lot. I've had dark brown discharges just this day in which I'm confused whether it is a sign of implantation bleeding or a side effect from the pill. My next period is supposed to start on the first week of September. Does the dark brown discharge mean that I might be pregnant? or was it just a side effect? When can I expect my actual period to come? I hope you could see this post and answer my questions. More powers to your team! :)

August 26, 2016 - 6:26am


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