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Hi, I had protected sex where the condom broke on the 11th of November. My last normal period started the 25-26 of October, and my cycles are 24.5 days on average. Because of this i assumed I most likely was okay, but was wasn't sure about ovulating so I took plan b two hours after the condom broke. This past week Ive been very very stressed out which delayed my period by two or so days, but yesterday I woke up with normal period flow and cramps. My cramps and bleeding were heavy throughout the day (like normal, maybe a bit more intense) however at around 3pm the cramping pretty much stopped and my period became lighter. I was very confused by this, and the same thing happened today- normal if not slightly lighter period flow throughout the night, normal bleeding throughout the day with heavier than usual cramping, and then it just suddenly tapers off at around 3. Did the plan b not work or something? This is very very very confusing, Ive never heard of something like this happening.
Usually on my period when I use the bathroom, urinating brings my blood into the toilet making the water red with a blood clot or two, but I instead have just been getting a lot of bloody discharge when I wipe. Like blood stained ovulation discharge. Its much heavier overall than what implantation bleeding should be, and since it came at the normal time of my period, I don't think its breakthrough bleeding. Should I be worried?

November 22, 2016 - 6:40pm


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