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The last day I was on my period was on the 17th.
Then, I had unprotected sex two days after, on the 19th.
I took Plan B 17 hours after that.
Six days after (on the 25th), I experienced what looked like spotting, a very light period, but it got progressively heavier throughout the day and is now mainly bright red in color. It also can now fill up my pad. It looks like a regular period. I have yet to see how long this goes for, but for now, do you think there is a possibility of this being implantation bleeding or an early period? I am not expected to get my period until the 6th, after 11 days, which is a very long time. I've never had 2 periods this close together. Is this a side effect of Plan B, an early period, or could I be pregnant? I am also planning on taking a pregnancy test three days before my period is due, so the 3rd. Should I wait longer? Please advice me. I've never been so stressed.

November 26, 2016 - 5:29am


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