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Dear Doctor. I had my last period that started from 9th of December and continued for 7 days (I always have them for 7 days), after that, I had unprotected sex on 18th, 19th and, 23rd December, 24th and 25th... I took a total of 7.5mg ( Emergency contraceptive pills of levonorgestrel) within 24 hours as well as 48 hours. Total of 5 tablets from 18th dec to 25th! Took 2 tablets (3mg levonorgestrel ecp) once at the same time and took the other 3 tablets as single doses during those days..I, however, suddenly found a bright reddish discharge and confused it for a period. But my periods should not have come so early! The discharge started on Sunday 25th december and is still coming out!! Its color has changed from reddish brown to black and with 2 to 3 cms long and extremely thin blood clots, too! It is not as heavier as my periods but it's mixed in color. Plus, I have this severe lower abdominal pain (on my left hand side), severe lower back pain that is from the day I have been having this discharge. Such pains come and go away, but they are worrying me out. Checked the internet for info, but most sites say it might be a side effect of the ECP (emergency contraceptive pills/morning after pill/levonorgestrel)...Others say the dark brownish red black discharge may mean an ectopic tubal pregnancy or some cancer/hemorrhage.. Am only 19, and am just worrying that is this (discharge for more than 8 days with pain in the mentioned areas) normal for me because of my overdose of levonorgestrel? Because websites say that the withdrawal bleed (after taking the normal dosage of ECP levonorgestrel 1.5mg) with similar pain might last just 24 hours or just 2-3 days... Am I having more than 8 days brownish bleeds with such pains due to consuming 5 tablets (7.5mg) altogether? Kindly help.

January 1, 2017 - 5:54pm


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