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Hi Confused2010 -
A corn is a small, thickened area of skin that forms on the toes. Corns put pressure on the underlying skin against the bone, and they can be very painful.
You will need to continue your home treatment until it's no longer painful to touch the corns and when the skin is easily removed. As follow up, it will be important to take preventive measures so you don't get additional corns.

The causes of corns include:
* Wearing ill-fitting shoes
* Bunching of socks around toes
* Socks with seams that rub against the toes

Treatment of corns usually includes self-care and medication. In severe cases, minor surgery may be necessary. People with diabetes or circulatory problems should always see a medical doctor or podiatrist for treatment. Self-treatment may lead to severe infection in these individuals.

To prevent corns:
* Wear properly fitting shoes.
* Remove bunching of socks, irritating stitching from socks, or any other local irritant.
* Try using doughnut-shaped corn pads, which may relieve pressure on corns.


Applying keratin-dissolving medication (such as salicylic acid) can help dissolve calluses and corns more quickly. Apply medication carefully because it contains acid that may damage nearby healthy skin.

Minor Surgery

In severe cases, corns or calluses may need to be shaved off with a scalpel by a doctor. More extensive surgery may be recommended to correct foot deformities that cause extremely painful or debilitating corns.

Good luck to you!

August 6, 2010 - 6:26pm


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