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I'm hypoglycemic, so I read ALL labels and avoid as much sugar as I can. I've discoverd HGCS in almost everything, even loaves of bread, cans of soup, especially boxed cereals. I WON'T eat any of these items becasue I don't want to overwork my pancreas (isles of Langerhorn) and become a diabetic. I teach people about reading labels all the time, ex. Yoplait contains so much junk, they CAN'T call it yogurt anymore so they changed the name. It's unfortunate that it's such a BIG seller because it's JUNK. Read the label. Jiff, Peter Pan, all those junk peanut butters containing sugar & partially hydrogenized fat are also responsible for obesity. I teach parents to feed their children REAL peanut butter. I could go on & on about the food industry & what it's doing to fool people these days. But, people need to take responsibility and READ the labels on their food packages. Another really bad food additives are the sodium nitrates & nitrites. The amount of sodium people ingest in this country is abominable. Heart disease waiting to happen. People need to get back to eating fresh & wholesome foods, NOT JUNK.

August 12, 2010 - 9:00am


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