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My husband and I try to have date nights that do not involve any type of technology. We are both on the computer, iPhone, iPad...iWhatever...so often for our business and personal use, that we don't feel like we can actually communicate if we are watching TV or playing a video game together. Don't get me wrong--we definitely have our guilty-pleasure shows that we enjoy watching together when our two boys are in bed, but I don't honestly consider those date nights.

Our favorite memory is during an awful thunderstorm that blew out all the electricity for a few days. We sat outside in lawn chairs, and just talked. We could see the stars (since it was a black-out in the city), and that made it romantic. We try to have more of these "no technology" nights, and sit out on our driveway or back porch (with kid's monitors beside us). I think it is amazing what nature can do to bring two people closer together. We are not inside our home, where laundry, bills, dirty dishes, phone, etc are tempting us. The fresh air, sense of freedom, and great conversation definitely bring us closer together.

Once per month, we do try to get a babysitter to spend time together that is away from the house. Our favorite is a road trip. We drive as far as we can, knowing we need to have enough time to drive back and have some fun at our destination. We have found some of the cutest small towns, gorgeous architecture, little-known ponds with ducks following us. It's very special time.

I think whatever works for the couple is great! Also getting out and exercising is a great way to spend time and get those endorphins working!

August 29, 2010 - 6:40pm


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