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Thank you all for your all your help this site has really helped me out. Its funny that you ask that question on the medication... My boyfriend did go to his appt on friday, and they only prescribed him 4 pills. I was instructed to take 4 pills in one day and then a weeks worth of pills for the rest of the week. Im not experiencing the odor anymore but today it started burning when i went to the rest room. I have an appt for my Gardasil shot on wednesday so i plan to follow up with the trich to make sure it has cleared up.
Back to my bf dr appt: After he explained the situation to the Dr. they asked him if he was having any symptoms. He hasnt so he was just honest with the dr. The dr stated that they were not going to give him the usual urine test because he had no symptoms ( this makes no sense to me because regardless of symptoms or not we have still been sleeping together for months and he has now been exposed to it one way or another.) He was given the medication though so i guess thats all that matters. Does it matter that he only got 4 pills and i have a whole weeks worth? He asked about his wart and he was told that he has to see his dermatologist.
I read on this web site that any type of penile wart is caused by a type of virus such as hpv.. am i understanding right? so even if he did have this one wart before being sexually active does it mean that he got the infection some other way? He also started having fungus problems on a fingernail ( which is spreading and he got medecine for that as well) and i believe one of his toe nails. is this common with people with HPV or is it a sign that his wart may be another sign of this fungus problem. he started noticing the nail growth about 3 or 4 years ago.

September 4, 2010 - 5:39pm


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