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Hi sandy.s728 - Getting to the bottom of medical and health issues isn't always the instant answer process shown in movies and TV shows. You and your boyfriend will have to continue to press your doctors for answers. We're not able to diagnose either of you, and you should be suspicious of any website that would claim to be able to do that.

In response to your earlier question I've already advised that there are additional skin conditions besides genital warts caused by STDs that can affect men, and your boyfriend's skin condition needs to be examined by a dermatologist, who can also diagnose and determine treatment for the fingernail fungus. It is not common for people with fungal nail conditions to also have HPV.

As far as the medications, it isn't the number of pills that matters, it is the type of medication and strength. If you want to follow up on the drugs then drugs.com has very helpful information to help you better understand what was prescribed, typical dosages and how they are supposed to work.

At some point you and your boyfriend may want to evaluate the type of care and advice you've been getting from your shared primary care physician and determine whether or not you want to continue under his care. This is a personal decision, but it's one that many people make every year in order to best advocate for their own health. Good luck to both of you. Pat

September 6, 2010 - 12:13pm


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