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Hi, I am 25 years old I found out when i was 18 that I had a double uterus. Mine just happens to be a complete doubling, including double cervix and a vaginal spetum that seperates my vagina in to two shafts. It does not cause any problems during intercourse the septum is very soft and simply falls to one side or the other. My husband and I are very blessed to have to two beautiful daughters. My oldest, who is almost 4, I carried in left uterus. She was breech, and I did have a lot of complications in carring her to full term. I spent weeks on bed rest, in out of the hospital on magnesium drips, and finally ended up with T-pump to keep my contractions under control. By the grace of God we carried her to 36 weeks. About 12 months after her birth we suffered out first miscarriage which was intially demeed a blighted ovum miscarriage. This pregnancy was in the left uterus. Then 6 months later we were successful in concieving our second child, and to our surprise I carried her in the right uterus. We also found out at that time that my right uterus is severly tilted. We suffered a lot of bleeding during the pregnancy and spent twice the amount of time on bedrest, in the hospital and on the T-Pump. We were only successful in carrying her to 34 weeks which was a blessing since my contractions started at 20wks. She spent a couple weeks in the NICU but is a perfectly healthy happy 21month old now. She was not breech. However, my cervix never dialted in all that time, so we ended up with our second c-section. In June we suffered our 2nd unexplained miscarriage and are not sure as to which uterus I was carrying as it was a very early miscarriage. We just suffered our 3rd unexplained miscarriage at 9 weeks carrying in the right uterus and I needed a D&C today, for fear of hemorrage if my body tired to pass everything on its own. Women with a double uterus have a higher rate of hemorraging during labor. We are going through a gamit of tests right now and they are all coming back negative. I am writting this, one to give hope to anyone who has found out that they have this anomally as we have 2 perfectly healthy happy beautiful little girls, we had some trouble getting them here but they are here and that counts as success. I am also writting this in hopes that someone else may have a experienced a similar situation and be able to help us pinpoint what we may need to do to prevent further miscarriage!

September 21, 2011 - 8:35pm


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